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Cookie & Wayne


Cookie & Wayne is a project with Emily Bernstein about the multifaceted millennia-old relationship between the sun and the moon, created specifically for the Portland Biennial 2016, and screened publicly in honor of the 2017 total solar eclipse.

From a public statement: ”It is neither rare nor sacred nor altogether new for the sun and the moon and other celestial bodies of the cosmos to engage in the occasional theatrical act. What is increasingly novel, at least in our conception of things, is the lack of audienceship to our salacious acts of bravado, valor and depths of existential expression. Since the advent of electricity, and now with the proliferation of iPhones, Androids and Samsung Galaxies — the latter two I can only assume so coined in deliberate affront to the extraterrestrial arts landscape — both myself and my once-and-future life partner the moon, along with our PR agents, media relations coordinators and many marketing personnel who keep us afloat, have noticed a sharp downturn in consumer interest. If I were a pessimistic man, I’d call it apathy. As our agents so bluntly put it, “People have stopped looking up.

Such is the basis for our so-called “comeback tour,” a many-citied Sun-and-Moon roadshow where we perform our latest acts in conjunction with lights, costumes, music and the accompanying theatrical pyrotechnics inherent in our millenia-old act. Critics have called it, “Like Donnie & Marie, on acid” and “A phantasmagoric kaleidoscope. Out. of. This. world.”