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Episode III

Julia Calabrese and collaborator jin camou’s three-part three-year project involved dance, live performance and film and was inspired by the Marx Brothers, Gilda Radner, Wii video games, extraterrestrial activity and modern dance. Each Episode told a chapter in the story of two body-snatched aliens, their experience as humans on Earth and their eventual ascent back to their home planet and natural forms.

Episode I and II were live performances created for and with support by Spaceness, an annual celebration of time, space and the unknown through experimental art, media and performance in Seaview, Washington. Episode III, the third and final piece, was a short film — a “love letter” beamed back to Earth. In this film, traces of interplanetary travel are revealed through the characters’ re-inhabited alien bodies, now synthesized on their planet of origin.

Running time: 14 minutes. Shot by Leah Rebecca Brown and styled by Sarah Baker. Original score by Mary Sutton.