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The Cosmic Serpent


The Cosmic Serpent is a teleplay created by Julia Calabrese and Emily Bernstein. It's an homage to daytime television — a hybrid of Telemundo, experimental theater, sitcom, and contains elements of myth and fable. Based on a story written in the summer of 2013, The Cosmic Serpent is a production which incorporates elements of magical realism, the culture of self-help, and the lineage of the classics to illustrate what it is to lose the self in the hunger for ideal love.

Starring a quixotic Arizona woman, her invalid husband, a Mexican veterinarian and a chain-smoking python, The Cosmic Serpent was an experiment in community art making, featuring non-actors sourced from Craigslist and cork boards and crew from Portland Community Media Studios (now Open Signal). Calabrese built the sets, made the costumes, and co-directed the piece.

Produced with support from Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, The Andy Warhol Foundation, and the Calligram Foundation.